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A Texas Historical Marker on the Friends Church grounds designates Friendswood as the only permanent town in Texas that began as a Quaker settlement. It was founded in 1895 when F. J. Brown and T. H. Lewis led a group of Quaker families to the Gulf Coast looking for their "promised land."

The heart of the community was its large two-story wooden structure called The Academy. They built it from 1900 Galveston storm lumber, and it served as their church, school and community center for 50 years.

Very few vestiges of the Quaker settlement remain; however, the qualities instilled in the town's formation continue to be appreciated.

In The News

Friendswood's Citizen of the Year

Joycina Baker Mark Baker

We're proud to report that our Board member, Joycina Baker, was honored as Friendswood's "Citizen of the Year" at the Chamber of Commerce's 49th annual Chairman's Gala held on January 19th. Joyce's son, Mark, received the award in her behalf from the Chamber's President, Steve Anderson.


Historical Society's 2nd Annual Histor-Ween Tour

The first Histor-Ween--in 2011 was fun! The Histor-Ween this year-- was even more fun! Proceeds from the event were shared by the Friendswood Historical Society and the participating High School clubs.

75 high school students from eight clubs operated a spectacular Spook House in the abandoned Jr. High school building. Whole families enjoyed it.

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    The QUAKER SETTLEMENT SITES MARKER PROJECT is fully funded! The Historical Society presented the project to the community the first of August. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for your prompt and generous response.

    By the first of September the funds were in the bank and the order was placed with the Southwell Foundry in San Antonio for the seven Historical Markers to be installed in landscaped settings along Friendswood Drive.

    Very few of Friendswood's 37,000 residents are aware that Friendswood has the distinction of being the only extant town in Texas that was founded as a Quaker Settlement. There are few vestiges of that era ( 1895 - 1930) remaining. The Historical Society has undertaken this project so that our children and their children will be reminded of their Quaker founding heritage and the values instilled in their community.

    These sites will be marked with researched data and authentic photos:

    • First Home and First Family -- Heritage at Pecan
    • Fig Preserving Plant -- 315 S. FM 518
    • First Business -- General Mdse -- 400 blk S. FM 518
    • First Post Office Building --S. FM 518 @ Spreading Oaks
    • Quaker Academy-- Church/School -- 502 S. FM 518
    • Oldest Structure Remaining -- 109 W. Spreading Oaks
    • Main Street Fig Orchards --900 blk S. FM 518

    And, we are inviting you to celebrate the setting of the Markers with us. We can set the date after the arrival of the Markers, so keep watching for that announcement. State Historical Markers are announced with an "unveiling." Since we cannot unveil all seven Markers simultaneously, we will consolidate the service on a Sunday afternoon in the Friends Church Coffee Cafe. WATCH FOR IT.

  • YOU CAN SEE and LISTEN 24/7

    The 1952 Glines Barber Shop building has finally found a permanent place. And you can hear the barber tell the story of his years as Friendswood's first barber and the history of the little building that did a lot of moving around before it settled on a site on Skyview Terrace, next door to the Frank J. Brown Heritage Museum. There it received some repair work and an exterior paint job.

    The interior of the shop is in exactly the condition it was when Bernard Glines retired in the 1980s. The Historical Society was the beneficiary of the skills of Wes Baker who provided the shop with light and sound and a sound track with the narration of the shop's history. It is activated by pushing a button on the exterior.

    The visitor has easy access to the shop and the narrative 24/7 by way of the deck connecting it to the Museum porch. The construction work on the deck was the gift of the men of the Friendswood Lions Club. We are grateful for all the contributions that make visiting the Barber Shop possible. Check it out ANY TIME!

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